Still Alive – Super Busy

Yeah, been a while huh…..

As you know, the usual reason applies here just like in the past, super busy.
Things have changed a little lot at Opto and we have been really busy getting Terry ready to head off to Uni (University of California Irvine if you are an interested local), his car, computer, furniture, student loans ect all had to be sorted.

At the same time we are getting more ‘into’ drones, aka, still trying to learn how to fly.
The goal is to ‘put a battery through each day’. (At least one). We just want to be consistent with the practice and make sure we not just keep our hand in, but slowly improve.
Sometimes we fly in the back yard, sometimes the front, sometimes in the house. (We are really enjoying the nano (palm) sized drones).
Slowly getting better, but its still work at this stage for me, none of it is second nature. Terry is getting better in leaps and bounds, I guess all those video games hours are paying off? We are really focused on the nano sized drones because they do not have any of the electronic ‘nanny’ smarts the bigger drones have and because they are cheap to fly and crash.
(Think of it like stability control and or anti lock brakes on all modern cars, sure they are great for all drivers, but race car drivers do not have them so they are fully in control of the car at all times, same with the drone, we are forcing ourselves to learn the hard way, but we should be better pilots at the end than those that lean heavily on the tech).
I will have to blog a separate blog on just some of the things we (Terry and I) are doing to keep our skills fresh…. Its a little bit nuts and a little bit fun.
Here is a little taste.
Fun out the front of the house. We are really enjoying the dusk, warm/cool temperature, few stars out and no traffic (in our dead end street).
If nothing else it is a little father and son time before he heads off to start a whole new life.

Ok, well just a short place holder blog. Still here, still hanging in there.
Lots of change, nothing new.