Back. Not back.

Can’t believe that it’s only been 3 and a bit weeks since I got back from the most epic Australian adventure ever.
Have / having had a little bit of trouble getting my head around being back home, but nothing major.

Throwing myself into some tech and that has helped a lot. The first week or so consisted of a fair bit of movie watching (I plead jet lag and just wanting to crash after work), but the past week has seen almost no TV and tinkering each night.

Using the Opto 22 Raspberry Pi starter kit for this one…. That and (as you can see at the end of the video), a tiny bit of Node-RED.

Bought the boss’s old Phantom 3 Pro drone.

Been taking it for my Sunday morning Smart Car drives and slowing getting confidence in flying it and getting better at taking landscape photos with it.

Of course, you can’t fly a drone and not take a dronie….

Still planning on getting around to committing to study for, sit and pass my Part 107. (aka, drone license).

So, I guess you could say I am back, but don’t feel back.
Not sure what to do with the blog. Same as last time I suspect, write about what interests me and you lot can sort it out on your end.