Instagram photo feed working again

Eh, who knew…. Clearly you lot don’t look at it much, other wise you would have complained? (Because, I know, only too well, that complaining is one thing you lot do reeeeeealllllyyyy  well….).

Anyway, Instagram changed their API token method and it broke the WordPress plugin I was using to display my photos on this website.

I am on the fence about this page…. One of you mentioned that you never look at it…. fair enough, but every now and then I take a photo and post it to Instagram and think that one or more of you would be interested in a little more backstory than what I would post with the photo on Instagram.
So, for the few that do look, there might be some duplicating, but for others, you might see stuff for the first time and enjoy a little more backstory.

Or not.

You lot are hard work……