100% renewable grid

What are you guys up to down there?

Seems that the ANU has been paid to build a report that states Australia can run with a 100% renewable energy grid.
Or so states the article I read on the ABC website.

I am sure the guys that did the study are smart guys, but yikes….
Here is the key bit that got my attention;

“The reliability is there because we have done very careful, hour-by-hour analysis of the Australian electricity grid and we find that with a modest amount of storage and some increased interconnectors within the states, the entire stability can match anything coal and gas can deliver.”

Yeah, right, cause we all know that interconnectors are super reliable. Just ask anyone in South Australia.
I don’t know, I really should not be here throwing stones at their glass report, it just worries me that they are so excited to do away with all base load generation. Coal, yeah, perhaps, but you guys have plenty of that, and it’s cheap and can be made ‘clean enough’, but to want to drop gas generators as well, that’s where I kinda snorted at the computer screen and thought ‘I have to blog about that!’.

I guess I should just pipe down and feel warm and fuzzy that this is the way progress goes. Do a report, shoot for the stars, land on the moon and end up making some change, cause to do nothing is worse.