Wizradical stirs the sticks

This is just too much fun to risk you all not seeing it….


Totally cracked me up when I saw his post.
Of course, I was there the day he did it, I had just finished work on putting the factory air intake back in Martty and was killing some time before lunch. Terry had just finished repairing his bike (that he commutes to and from college on) and was killing some time before lunch. Freddy was cooking lunch on the BBQ.
It was the usual beautiful day, so we were both sitting out under the back patio cover. Terry usually launches and recovers from there. He slapped the goggles on that show him the view from the camera in the front of the drone and took off.
After a warm up pack in the back yard, the next pack he started to push things around a little. This is where the recording picks up.

Want to note that he is not seeing what you are. He has a little static, but it does not blackout like the recording. The little DVR (digital video recorder) that we grafted onto the top of his goggles blanks the video when it drops below a set signal level. I keep wanting to open it up and see if we can’t hack to just record without the whole blanking thing, but Terry knows that he is not going to stick with this unit toooo much longer and so does not want to spend too much time on it. (Perhaps also when he upgrades and gets a better setup I will pick up his current one and at that time might take a poke).

Anyway, crummy video quality and all, I just love the fact that he is sitting on the chair in the back patio, googles strapped to his face and he is able to fly and control the drone from there as it does laps around and through the house. Very cool.