Leave a bad review? Get locked out of your garage.

Gary is going to love this one…….

Well of course you install a cloud (computer) connected garage door opener.
I mean it was the hot ticket on your beloved Kickstarter or Indigogo right… What could go wrong?

Locked out – Garadget owner blocks IoT app user following negative review

The guy that puts it together is learning as he goes, which is sort of Ok, but he does not have the most robust servers in place. One guy takes it as a personal slight that things do not work as slick as the Google/Facebook experience and leaves a negative review. The guy that runs the servers takes a personal affront to said negative review and disables the guys account…. thus locking him out of his garage.

The Internet grabs all available pitchforks and goes after everyone.
Yup. Death Threats….
The device guy tells everyone to calm down and the complainer lives on.

I’m being a little silly, but what happens if you don’t like your pacemaker?
What happens when a guy throws a bike into a critical substation and takes half the power grid down for 48 hours?
To me, they are the same scenario. Either way, you don’t get what you expect. We expect 100% uptime. We just do.