2017 Drone Racing League

The new drone for the 2017 championships has been announced.
It’s a little boring, more thrust, a little more robust, slight larger and tweaked fight controller to allow borderline aerobatics (in other words, it is more unstable in flight)… I mean it’s got 4 props, 4 arms and a body, there is not a lot you can do with that to make it any more interesting, besides, you can’t see it in flight anyway…..

In short, they are still trying to figure out how to take people’s money while watching something that is pretty much unwatchable as a spectator.
But, hey, that’s just cynical me talking out loud.

To the point of this blog….. Ah… actually, it does not have one, other than to show you all the new video promoting the start of the 2017 drone racing league year……

Yeah, I like it…. This matches in well with the video of Terry flying around and through the house I posted a few posts back. I love this sort of ‘proximity’ flying, where you are taking an existing structure, something that we have all walked through many times, and experiencing it in a whole new way.
Terry often remarks that this is one of the things that keeps him hooked, it really is like flying through life, a true out of body experience.
Anyway, I loved the flowing lines through the sports stadium, how they can use the 3D aspect of the building so easily, from basement to roof and back…. It all becomes ‘unlocked’ and the flow through effect is just very cool at night (You can’t see the drones for squat during the day).