Electric snowmobiles

This one is mostly for Dan.
I remember some of the fun stories he told about about the crazy stuff he got up to with snowmobiles while living in the great white north.
I have never ridden (driven?) one and would really like to.


To sum the whole thing up;

“From the rider’s perspective the snowmobile works very similarly to a regular one, just with better handling, less noise and no emissions. On a technology side, it is comparable to electric cars, just with an emphasis on keeping everything lightweight. You can plug it into an outlet or connect to a standard electric car charger if you want to charge up faster,”

Sure, range is down, but they make the usual point, for the right use, electric powertrains just make sense.
People just need to wrap their heads around ‘right use’. Off topic, but related, I was reading a software programming article on IoT and they made the statement, ‘as soon as you announce a platform, you are instantly wrong in the eyes of 30% of developers’.
The same is true I have found with electric vehicles. Everyone wants to know a range, as soon as you put a figure on it, most people will dismiss you… When pressed, they agree they drive less distance than that 90% of the time. People have no patience. They want it all and they want it on their terms…. Man, I am a grumpy old guy… How did we end up from snowmobiles to the impatience of people?