New drone / camera combo from DJI

From the department of ‘just because we can’, DJI have meshed their most heavy lift capable drone with an outrageously expensive camera to make one of the world’s most expensive aerial photography platforms that no one asked for. Ever.

Its latest release comes in partnership with the recently acquired Hasselblad. The 100MP M600 Pro Drone is a Hollywood-grade device with a price tag to match. Even though this is probably too much fire power for the average consumer, it’s still fun to aww over the incredible power and specifications of this monster.

Pricing has yet to be unveiled on this new model, but early estimates from experts in this category have it at upwards of $30,000. So what does a drone that costs as much as your car deliver? According to DJI, the industry’s best aerial photography and video experience.

In short, your drone will be carting around 35k worth of camera.
Yeah, all up the thing is expected to go for something like 45k when you put batteries in it.

I love tech, but phew. They are probably not going to fly off the shelves, but whoa, imagine, just imagine the dronies you could take with this sucker!