Queensland wants to one up South Australia?

Did not bother to blog about how SA is getting a monster sized solar array with batteries included, it was probably oldish news (it’s not even built, and the permits are still wet ink).
Thanks to the wonders of scheduled blog posts, this is probably old news as well.


A company proposing to build Australia’s largest solar farm near Gympie says the $2 billion facility will eventually supply about 15 per cent of south-east Queensland’s power needs.

The project will be built in stages, with initial approval being sought for a 350-megawatt facility, but within four years it is proposed to increase this to 800 megawatts or enough electricity to power about 315,000 homes.

Managing director Scott Armstrong said the finished facility would be the biggest in Australia but “the way the market is going is that there will be bigger projects that will come on”.

When completed, around 3 million solar panels will provide power to the network on the 17-square-kilometre site.

They are going to need a team of robots and drones to clean, wash and inspect all those panels. 17 square kms of solar panels. Phew.
That is going to be quite the sight.

Nice to hear that they are including storage at each of these locations. It seems like its finally sinking in that solar only works when the sun shines and that the cost of batteries has come down enough to make them viable.

Anyway, just really nice to see QLD and SA get these sorts of projects on the go.