AI vs missing kids

Here is a pretty cool use of AI and facial recognition.

Facial recognition tech has loads of application other than the creepy ones that put your privacy at risk. In China, for instance, it has helped a couple find their son 27 years after he was abducted. Fu Gui thought it was strange that he only had vague memories of his childhood, so he uploaded a photo taken when he was 10 years old to a website called Baobeihuijia, which translates to “Baby Come Home.” Little did he know that his parents would also upload his childhood photos on the website a few months later and that Baidu’s facial recognition tech would bring them back together.

This is pretty cool. Sure, for now, both kid and parents have to upload a photo, and they have to be taken within 6 years of each other, but it’s early days. The more we feed it data, the more we train the AI model, the better it will become.

Granted, there is always a flip side, this would be a massive backdoor for all sorts of tracking to take place…. But lets just pretend for a micro second that computers will ‘do no evil’….. (Let me know how that works out for you).