Drones to drop blood

Love this idea. Even better that it is real, it’s happening today.


That Rwanda is set to become the first country with a drone delivery network illustrates the often uneven nature of the adoption of new technology. In the United States, drones have run into a wall of regulation and conflicting rules. But in Rwanda, the country’s master development plan has placed a priority on the use of the machines, first for medicine and then more broadly for economic development.

Take that USA!

So, in short, they are fixed wing gas powered drones that are launched off a catapult about the size of a trailer. Inside is a gps and blood.
The destination is programmed in, the thing is started up, launched and off it goes, no pilot needed at any stage of the flight.
The drone gets to where it’s going, drops the blood package which floats down on a paper parachute and the drone returns and ‘lands’ by deploying its own parachute.
Picked up, dusted off, refueled and it’s ready to go again in just a few minutes.
Simple, doable and life saving.

Love it.