Wannacry red light cameras

Really? Red light cameras run Windows?


The latest big thing in malware, WannaCry, has been spotted wreaking its havoc in Australia, Victoria Police has confirmed. The ransomware has infected 55 red light cameras and speed cameras in the state of Victoria via private camera operator Redflex.

“Our advice at this stage is that a software virus has been detected however the camera system has not been compromised,” the police said in a statement. “We will look into all incidents detected by the speed and red light cameras during the time in question as a matter of course. The integrity of the camera system has not been affected.”

Read that again.
First paragraph, they say the computer virus has got into the cameras, second paragraph, they say it hasn’t…. Or am I not reading what it says and what I want it to say?

Either way, keep your PC’s updated folks. Even your red light cameras.