Quick visit up to see Amy in Idaho this past weekend. It’s been way too long, years…. So we took the plunge and shot up and back. She is doing really well, loves her Apple Watch, her job is going great and her boyfriend is really sweet on her. I was impressed at the obvious… Continue reading Amy

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Death of big oil

Really interesting opinion piece on the death of the big oil. I don’t want to block quote any of it as it is really well written and rather interesting, so take a few minutes to read it. (Spoiler – I don’t totally agree with his core reason, but have never been challenged to think… Continue reading Death of big oil

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Mesh Wifi

I am not totally thrilled with the Wifi coverage in my house. I am not the only one having this issue. Seems houses over here (in California) are built, then covered in chicken wire, then sprayed with cement. The net result of which is that WiFi coverage in two story houses is terrible. My router… Continue reading Mesh Wifi