Solar traffic jam

The solar eclipse on the 21st is getting some press over here.

I liked this guys take on it.

In short, he thinks there is going to be a whopper of a traffic jam.

Traffic, along with weather, will be the chief challenges for people wanting to see the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. I analyze how the U.S. population is distributed with respect to the U.S. road network and the path of total solar eclipse to predict how many people will visit the path of totality and the resulting traffic congestion. Using advanced software by Esri, U.S. Census data, and a road network model of every street in the USA, I present estimates for where people will gather for the eclipse and in what numbers.

The main reason I love this guys article is because of all the data he pulls and uses to make his point.
Will it happen?

Duno. I will not be amongst it.
I do not have the holiday time, I don’t like crowds and I have more (to me) interesting things to watch – like the electricity grid.

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