Temperature sensing

We shot this video first.
The plan was to do this one first as it was the simplest and use it as a sort of template for the others.
For the most part it worked.

Fun fact for this one.
The groov controlled fish tank is just outside the server room, so when Paul used some audio processing to remove the humm of the servers, you can hear the bubbling of the fish tank.
We had to find a happy ballance between the two.
Also I did not move my arm enough when wiring the module, so it gets in the way, we fixed that on the other videos, but figured it was not worth a reshoot.

That said, we re-shot this entire video 3 times. The first we just did not like internally to Opto. It just did not tell a story.
The second we played to a group of students. They gave such compelling feedback that we went back to the script and re-wrote the whole thing. Again.
This is the third go around you see here.