Seismograph – Part 4.5

Just a quick update to say that things are working and that I have added a thermal graph to the data.

This screenshot is from my groov screen. It is easier for me to add live data to there than this website….. But I try and keep some of it synched.
Anyway, the point of this is to show that the system picked up a ‘tiny’ M1.27 at my beloved Borrego Springs a few days after I got it in the new vault.
I like the thermal plot, it shows the amplitude of the frequency of the data. Low bass at the bottom and tops out at 20 Hz at the top.
Blue is low amplitude and works its way up to red.
I need to do some more reading about how to read both waveforms, but its nice to have it and let it seep in in the meanwhile.

I plan to put some 50/50 cement/sand mix around the tub, put a water edge around the edge to help the water run away from the tub and then make a foam top to keep the bugs out.
Once that is done, we are pretty much done with the physical vault.
At this point I will turn my attention to the software.

[Edit – Due to the nature of scheduled blog posts, I tinkered with the software after I made this post, but before I could blog about the changes – whoa, that does not make sense even to me – anyway, I broke the main 12 hour trace graphic. The thermal one is still working, but yeah, everything was working great when I wrote this blog, then I messed with (before this blog was published) and broke it…. Perhaps by the time this blog goes live it will be working again – duno… anyway, time is weird. My names thebaldgeek and Im normal.]