Camera gear damage from solar eclipse.

I think that most that read this blog would know how to take a photo of a solar eclipse, but it was interesting to read about some of the gear damage that came as a result of photographing the elipse.
Lens Rental is a big company over this way and I really like the attitude and style of the guy running it. Very sensible and down to earth.
Anyway, they rented a hunk of gear out on the eclipse weekend, to their credit, they added an extra clause up front….. They would be covering any damage from incorrect use of the gear.
(You can get accidental damage coverage from them when you hire gear, so they wanted to make sure people understood what they were covered for – like I said, I like the guys business model).

You can see some of the carnage in this article here;

Warning, if you love camera gear, its not for the faint of heart.
(Or the shallow wallet – yikes, some of those lenses are worth a solid chunk of change!)

The bottom line is this, you have to block the light (and thus heat) at the very front of the camera lens with an appropriately rated filter. Only then will things stay safe.

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  1. Thanks for passing on the story.

    I guess it is a good demonstration of “a little knowledge can be dangerous”.

    Knowing that the eclipse was happening is one thing, knowing how to take photos
    under extreme conditions is another.

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