Seismograph – Part 5

No more tweaks to the vault, so this is about how things are just working really well.

Sadly, due to a software bug, I lost the actual page of the big quake off the coast of Mexico, so here is the photo I happen to take of the screen that morning.

Just a massive quake that ran for many minutes and then picked up a bit half hour or so latter.

Now, as for all these, I truly am sorry to say that I have been super distracted (massive (or not) blog post coming – relax, it’s really geeky techo stuff) and so I just have not been keeping up on exactly which quakes all these traces are from.
I guess my point in showing them all is that the system is working really well.
The last point I want to make is that RaspberryShake guys are working on a system that sends an email as soon as a big quake is detected on each of our seismographs, so I will be able to keep track of them much better.

You can click on each image, then your browser should let you click again and you can pan around, so you can see the dates and could go back through the USGS website and link all these up.
Impressive that 2 of the pages have 2 quakes on them.
The new vault seems to be working well?

Till then, here are some amazing traces from my station in Temecula.