Once again, you can tell when I get busy, the blog goes quiet….
I even have some general tech news items on the backburner I want to rant about and have not had time to yell about.

Anyway, thought I would attempt to blog about what I have been doing, and rather than a massive messy mega blog, I will try and break them down a little and try and explain why they have been keeping me distracted.

* Nothing to be alarmed about, but I finally went to the Dr’s and gave some blood to get a ‘panel’ done. (I had no idea what my cholesterol was for example why I did this)…. Mostly it was done because we had a really nice solid conversation about it while in a raft drifting down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and I told the folks I would do it…. But it took an annoyingly large slice of time to get this done.
* As mentioned in this blog, I went to see Amy.
* Dan dropped by for a few days.
* My network was out of control, but thanks to Dan (and Gary) its getting better – this has soaked up a LARGE part of my time, but there is an end in sight.
* Cleaning up the lounge room. This is a work in progress, but we are getting there.
* New solar panel. We bought a cheap panel and wanted to add it to the system. We had a glitch and it took me a moment to figure out what happen. (Spoiler, I am an idiot and did not think when I read the label).
* Beyond busy at work doing an online training course and focusing on passing the exam for the course.
* Tweaking my diet for mental and physical health – aka, trying to take the time to ‘fix’ me.

So, let’s see if I can break a few of those high points out……

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