I have been wanting to move all my servers to https for a while, but I just can’t wrap my head around how. I also can’t seem to form up a google search that answers my one and only question…. Do I need to put a (different or same) certificate on each of my servers?… Continue reading https

SoftEther VPN

I wanted to get a VPN working into my home network and after looking at a few, I settled on SoftEther. First we tried setting it up on a Windows 10 Laptop, after 2 hours, we had to give up. Last night I ran a script I found on the web on a spare Pi… Continue reading SoftEther VPN

Australia vs insecure IoT devices

Heh good luck with that….. Australia seems to be interested in taking a stand against insecure IoT devices. Internet-connected products from baby monitors to sports shoes will soon bear a mandatory Australian cyber security consumer rating amid growing alarm at hacking of everyday devices. The Turnbull government is pushing the technology industry to come… Continue reading Australia vs insecure IoT devices

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Back but busy

We are back from our 8 day church retreat. It was a good time away, Freddy and I managed to ballance it with social time, quiet time and together time. All in all, very profitable for the mind, body and spirit. We are still busy at work with the Inductive Automation Exam. Going to be… Continue reading Back but busy