SoftEther VPN

I wanted to get a VPN working into my home network and after looking at a few, I settled on SoftEther.
First we tried setting it up on a Windows 10 Laptop, after 2 hours, we had to give up.
Last night I ran a script I found on the web on a spare Pi I had and it worked first go.

So, the thing is, I was not game to try it on any of my Pi3′ as they are all currently doing jobs that I don’t want to break, so it’s running on a Pi2 and is a bit slow.
I would like to put it on the same Pi as is doing my DNS/DHCP, but can’t figure out if SoftEther uses its own servers for that.
(I also have some time sunk into my MAC to IP mapping on that Pi and need to figure out how to back that up!).

Would love to know why it wont work on the laptop, the GUI is rather nice vs command line, and the speed would be there. I think it might have something to do with the laptop’s Broadcom interface adaptor driver not working in bridge mode.

Anyway, its an area (building a VPN Server) that I have not messed with, so it’s been interesting. I just want to get it finished up and move on to the next unexpected project……

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