Julian earthquake swam

Far out… I was just there on Sunday (blog entry coming).

There has been a swam of 5 earthquakes near Julian, just down the road from us here at Temecula.

Here are the traces from my Raspberry Pi Seismograph.

The first big blue one is actually the first 3 quakes.
They really came in fast together.
Then a few hours latter, the green trace shows the 4th.
Then a few hours latter, the blue trace show the 5th.

Here is the USGS map showing their locations (and to the upper left, Temecula).

By using the ‘as the crow flies’ option in Google Maps, I make it to be 43.6 miles away.

Without spoiling the coming blog, I was about 3.2 miles from the epicenter on Sunday (Little did he know).

Pretty amazing to have a swam so close to home and really makes you wonder just what is going on beneath our feet!!

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