Underground drones

Here is one solid use case of drones. Love it!

Collision-resistant drone improves mining prospects in Canada

Until recently, the use of drones in the mining industry has largely been above ground, in the open air. From on high, drones and their paired software platforms can build a detailed picture of equipment stockpiles, materials and landscapes. It’s a great industrial IoT (IIoT) use case.

But exploring uncharted mines, deep underground, comes with challenges that generally aren’t encountered in the skies. Signal reception is a serious one, but there’s also the difficulty that advanced collision-avoidance vision systems experience in keeping a drone stable and on track in the darkness.

I have seen these Flyabilty drone cages many times over the past few years.
One notable video showed it checking out the inside of a very large industrial boiler (which bought flashbacks of of seeing the guys inspect the boiler at the hospital).
I’m personally not a fan of the DJI link they chose, but its a start…