Electric flight school plane

Love love love this!
What a great use case, what a learner!

A new battery-electric airplane goes into production as popularity grows with flight schools

Slovenia-based light aircraft maker Pipistrel had its Alpha Electro all-electric plane approved for flight in Australia and now the plane is going into operation in Perth.

The company even started serial production of the aircraft after seeing demand increase.

It’s a 2-seat electric trainer tailored to the needs of flight schools. The all-composite body with electric motor and 20 kWh battery packs weights a total of 350 kg and it has a max payload of 200 kg.

The company says that the plane can stay in the air for an hour, with an extra 30 minutes in reserve.

Please go look at the article and check out the photos!
She is a beautiful looking plane!
The thought of flying without the noise from the motor is very appealing to me. I still want to book a flight in the electric glider that is out our way (Martty and I drive past the glider port it is housed at often). But this would be a close second.
It would be perfect for the sort of flying I would be doing in Temecula.
We get so many nice days for a short joy flight, it would fit right in for the small air strip that is about 3 kms from our home.

Anyway, yeah, I am excited for this little guy, glad to see its in production, and go Aussies!