Weeks 5 and 6 Review

Crazy few weeks.
We were so busy at work on week 5 that we could not run during the day at all, so all runs were done around 4amish.
The days were long, so the runs were kept a little shorter than the program suggested, I already feel a bit over trained and tired.
Since I am not training for a hard date, I don’t care if the program runs a little longer, the most important thing (to me) is that I don’t get injured and we have fun.
Anyway, slightly shorter runs done a little quicker to try and make up the difference.

Sunday we flew out to Florida, so no long run (sadly).
The week in Orlando was busy. Super busy, plus we had a light touch of jet lag (3 hours), so we mostly ran in the morning, way before dawn.
Honestly, it was a grind. Cement sidewalk (footpath) and straight for one mile, so it was just out and backs, a few of them.
So yeah, we did some miles, the program is a bit of a mess, but eh.

I’m writing this Saturday night, and at this point I have no idea what we are going to do for our Sunday long run tomorrow.
Floated the idea of a Dripping Springs trail run past Freddy, but I don’t think she is down for it, so will just probably run around my usual 14 mile loop.

At this stage I think we will be able to run during lunch at work next week (and hopefully the next week after that), but things are going to get tricky after that with trips to Portland and possibly Las Vegas after that.

In other news I bought a Stryd Power Meter (food pod).
Have only done the one run with it so far, hard to say, but it promises some interesting data and analytics.
I have also signed up for a few other running analytics websites, hopefully blog about them soon.