Major setback – plantar fasciitis

Crap. This was not on my program.
Got a case of sore heals on both feet.
Bottom line, stop running for a few weeks.
You can read about it here;

There is a ton of information about it on the web, as usual sorting through it all is the hard part.
For now, I have inner sole inserts to give my arch more support.
I am stretching a few times a day.
I am rolling a golf ball at night (actually using a machine, but you get the idea).

It started on Tuesdays run. I suspect that there was a whisper of it after Sundays run, but not enough for me to be sure and pay attention. After Tuesday’s 4 miles and then 5 miles on Wednesday, it became very clear that night and Thursday morning what I was facing.
It’s pretty serious and I don’t want to be sidelined for weeks, so will be doing all we can to clear it up in a week if we can.
Once it’s cleared, we will have to be very careful in how we add the miles back. We won’t be just jumping back into the program that’s for sure. We may even reset the whole thing and start from week one again.

So yeah, pretty bummed out.