Busy 3 weeks ahead

The feet are healing well. Going for a 6-7 mile run tomorrow morning to test them out a bit more. Did the usual few miles during the week.

Monday at around 4am we head off to Chicago, from there we head straight to Dallas.
We get back lateish Thursday. Back into the office Friday.
2 days latter, we fly out Sunday morning for Portland for a few days.
Back in the office Friday.
The following week we are off to Las Vegas for a few days.
The EPIC Roadshow is in full swing.

In other news. Tinkering around with MotionEyesOS. Zoneminder is a getting a bit heavy. Not spent a lot of time on it thus far beyond getting it installed on an old mini PC. Having trouble getting the motion detection working (same problem I had with Zoneminder).
Seriously considering just putting the cameras on continuous record. But don’t want to invest the time to review the footage frequently.
Glad you asked…. Freddy wants videos of the critters visiting the fishpond, digging up the back yard and fishing around the sprinklers.

In other other news. Terry’s car needed its 2 year smog testing, and the check engine light was on. Cost a pretty penny to get repaired.
Freddy will (hopefully) get it smogged while I am gone.

Also, latter this month, we kick over our 10th year of being here.
Should I do a 10 year mega blog or let it slide?