Up for air – sorta

Well, that’s the travel mostly done.
Freddy and I are going to take some personal time and are headed out to the Grand Canyon for a few days at the end of the month to spend some quiet time together.
Other than that, we are just super busy at work with the new product launch.
At home, we have spent a week up at our friends avocado grove house and dog sitting, so that has kept us busy in the regard that we are not home. (Weird sentence was weird).

Computer wise, we have a backlog of projects. I am doing more with MQTT (publish / subscribe message broker), looking to move more of my data topics to the server I am running at home.
We are also trying to get more of my IP cameras up and running and recording. Preferably via motion detection, but constant record would be Ok as well.
I am trying to build an aircraft tracker for Phoenix.
I also want to move my whole aircraft tracker server off the PC, it uses too much power, I need more than a Pi, but less than a full blown PC to run it, so yeah, I am looking at options (Gary and Dan gave me a Windows tablet when Dan was out, I am eyeing it off, but its got a weird Windows install, so I am trying to figure out how to reload Windows and then I can evaluate if I can run my aircraft stuff on it).

Personally, going pretty good. We have tweaked a few things and am doing better for it.
We got a new bio sensor, it clips inside my belt clip and detects my breathing. If I get tense, it vibrates to warn me.
So yeah, now I pack three, one on each wrist and one on my belt….. Go ahead make your jokes, I will be here when your done…..

Also, Kickstarter. I might have backed one under thirty seconds of it launching.
Raspberry Boom. It is from the same people that did the earth quake sensor, only this time….

The Raspberry Boom home monitor detects “infra” sounds, or extremely low frequencies of sound, that are completely imperceivable to your ears. These sounds are less than ~20 Hz, or the lower limit of what is audible to humans, and Raspberry Boom can detect them from great distances all around your local region.

I plan to put it on the roof or as close to it as I can (for a start, I am thinking under the eves)… Just a bit worried that the attic fan will have a low frequency sound that will drive it nuts, but I will deal with that if it becomes a problem.

Ok, well, I think that is as quick an update as we can manage.