One of my fond memories growing up as a kid is of a Mini Moke that my Dad bought…. in jars…. someone had pulled apart a Moke with the intent to clean it all up and rebuild it, but lost interest after the pulling apart stage. I seem to recall that we did not pay a lot of money for it, but the experience of ‘helping’ (not sure I actually helped all that much) putting it back together was gold. (Along with learning how to drive it in the sand dunes out the back of our house).

So, with the last few posts on BB and my love of Mokes explained, I present this timely article of electric Mokes.


I love the look of the big one. What a cracker. Very Martty-esk.
My takeaway is described toward the bottom of this article…. we need a street legal fun EV.
With weather like we have in Southern California, an electric Moke would be perfect.


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