Cruise Control

Sorry. Not sorry to be going on about the car… I just keep finding interesting things that I want to share…..

Freddy and I did a backroads trip to Borrego Springs and back over the weekend.
It was our first solid trip with little traffic on a road that we both know pretty well. Once we got out of the canyon it becomes an open winding road in pretty good condition with lots of rolling hills. I could then engage the cruise control and watch it work for the first time.

Just blown away with the dead nuts on accuracy of it holding the speed. I mean it was dead nuts on. Not a single mile per hour (1.6ish kph) variation up and down hills or anything else that the countryside threw at us.
All the cars I have driven that have cruise have never (ever) been that accurate.
It was just creepy really because the sound does not vary, the car is holding the same speed at all times and so the road and wind noise never changes.
The car never feels like its braking to hold speed going downhill, the regen just keeps the speed dead on.
It never feels like it’s accelerating as it has more than enough silent power to hold the speed going uphill.

Best way to describe it is in Freddy’s words ‘It’s like flying in a hovercraft’….. It really is an odd experience after a little while.
At first it’s just like, eh, cruise control works, but then you stear and steer and steer and then it starts to sink in, the car has not varied one little bit in any way. Just steer, that’s all there to do.

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