Freddy gets a truck (ute)

Unexpected purchase last night. We bought a Chevy truck – or Ute as you may know it.

Its dirty, had mice nesting in it and needs some mechanical love, but I drove it home so it’s not all bad.
It’s a stick shift, Terry has always wanted to learn stick, so it will serve that job nicely.
2.2 liter inline 4 cylinder, 5 speed tranny. Im told they have long life. This one has 117k on the clock, not too bad for a 1998.

This means yes, 3 people in our house, 5 cars…. The BMW will go as soon as we can. We hope to post the ad for it this Sunday.
We will keep Freddys Honda till the Bolt is paid off, then look at something for her.
Martty will forever be part of the family I suspect, but at least with the addition of the truck Terry will have something to drive when it rains and not leave Freddy at home.
It also means that I can now pick up as many solar panels as I can afford…. and Freddy finally gets to scratch the truck itch she has had for a long time.