Seven facts about Aussie solar

Pretty interesting read for me.
Most of my readers are from down that way and so probably know most of this already.

1. Australia now has over 10.1 GW of solar installed

2. Total new solar registered for the month of September exceeded 725MW

3. The record was set with the registration of 667MW of large-scale solar

4. The two largest solar farms in Australia were registered in September: 180MW Daydream Solar Farm and 188MW Coleambally Solar Farm

5. Each GW of solar requires the installation and connection of over 3 million solar panels and creates more than 1,000 full time jobs a year

6. Commercial and residential rooftop solar are also powering along with another 100MW expected to be registered in the in those markets. Australia is on track to exceed 1GW in installed rooftop solar for 2018.

7. With 1.95 million installations in Australia, and growing at over 15,000 per month, we expect to have over 2 million installs by the end of the year. Taking delayed registration into account, Australia will have over 10.2GW of solar installed by that time.