Mental Health – 2018

Its been a big year. Tough in some ways, but in others, its been pretty straight forward. (This is my blog, so it’s my thoughts. For Freddy she claims that this year was the tough one, for me 2016 was THE WORST hands down with 2017 a close second).
Because of the ’16/17 debacle, we finally admitted we needed some help…. After all, the definition of insanity is just doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result…… Just doing what we had been doing was clearly not helping….. We had two bad years in a row, so that much was clear.
So, at the start of this year one of the things that I now do is a twice daily assessment of how I am feeling in the mental health space. It has been amazing to see the improvement by this twice a day checkup.
Of course I use an app to do that (Daylio).

At 7am and 7pm I get a reminder to check in with my brain and review how I have been going.
I can also link activities and see what trouble spots there are and what activities make me happy/relaxed.
So here is my year in mental health pixels…..

Blue is bad. Only 34 of those days for the whole year. Not bad.
Purple is meh. 381 of those. (Remember, I check in twice a day).
Green is good. 301 of those. Some room for improvement.
Orange is rad. April first is the obvious stand out. The day I ran the Canyon. I was on a runners high. Interesting.

Anyway, bottom line, I am a lot more aware of how I am doing in the mental health area of my life and as a result, I am doing much much better.
I intend to keep using the app and so it will be interesting to see what next year is like, having the data will be useful to do the comparison.

As we say in the industrial automation space, you can’t change what you don’t measure.