Catalina Island

Freddy and I decided to get away for a few days together. (Its been a while – yeah yeah). Our destination for no reason other than we both wanted to see it… Catalina Island. Its due west of Dana Point, not far off the coast, but far enough to make it a little interesting. Of… Continue reading Catalina Island

Inmarsat ACARS

Sorry guys, did not realize that I had not blogged about my Inmarsat fun and games….. There are a few different ways that aircraft communicate back and forth with the airline. This blog is about satellite. There is a geostationary (not moving, very handy, no tracking needed) satellite named Inmarsat (sorry, forget the exact number,… Continue reading Inmarsat ACARS

Noisy computers?

We have been interested in building a one stop shop website for all things aircraft tracking and decoding for some time. To this end we have put up a satellite dish to get Inmarsat messages, 136mHz antennas for ACARS and VDL data and for HF we have been running an Alinco receiver. Everything has been… Continue reading Noisy computers?

3D aircraft trails

Been busy tinkering with aircraft tracking stuff. One of of the more ‘pretty’ things I have done is got working a 3D map of the aircraft trails. Its been a bit of frustration getting this going, but it turns out that my graphics card driver was way out of date (who knew). It works Ok… Continue reading 3D aircraft trails