3D aircraft trails

Been busy tinkering with aircraft tracking stuff.
One of of the more ‘pretty’ things I have done is got working a 3D map of the aircraft trails.
Its been a bit of frustration getting this going, but it turns out that my graphics card driver was way out of date (who knew). It works Ok for day to day web browsing and text stuff, but when pushed in the graphics world, it sure matters.

So, you can check if things are going to work Ok here; https://cesiumjs.org/troubleshooting/

Run their little example and zoom around the world. If it all flows pretty good, then you are in with a chance to get the aircraft to show up.

Here is a sample of what you are going to see;

You can tilt, pan, zoom and generally move around in the whole 3D experience.

I have set up a few URL’s to speed things up. Most of my visitors are from one of these places, so it helps them get started on their place of interest.

3D Map Centered on Temecula
Phoenix 3D Map centered on Phoenix
Las Vegas 3D Map centered on Las Vegas
Los Angeles 3D Map centered on Los Angeles International
San Francisco 3D Map centered on Fan Francisco International