Idaho Wedding Reception

We took a week off work and went up to Idaho to spend time with Amy and Cole, hang out with their family and friends and also take photos of Amy and Cole.
Since a photo can save me typing thousands of words, lets just jump into the photos.

The main cabin in the background, lights from the solar/battery system and heaps of firewood from fallen trees.
A few mosquito’s, but late in the night they calm down and are not a problem.

Being totally off the grid means no street or house lights for many (many) miles. The stars are some of the best I have seen over here with the Milky Way visible to the naked eye pretty easily. Sure, it helped not having a moon, which was a mixed blessing, some wanted it to see their way around the camp site, some – like me – were glad for the lack to see the stars better.

This is a small sample of the friends and family that joined the happy couple. It also is a great shot of how you get all the people and their ‘stuff’ on and off an island. The barge was kept busy shuttling back and forth between the island and the mainland.

Speaking of happy couples. It was great to see them both and to hang out. We had time to just be with them and also time to spend together with their friends. A great mix and a great time.

I have never played Cornhole, so the event was ‘fun’. We lost very quickly, which is fine, it was pretty interesting to watch the event unfold. (Some take it very seriously).
(And yes, this is Amy).

Yes, photos were taken. Just a small sample here, I took around 100, so the happy couple was covered pretty well.
I (thankfully) was the second photographer for the photo shoot. Amy’s sister in-law was the primary and as such she arranged each of the looks.

Its around 1200 miles (1931 kms) each way, so it adds up to be a pretty solid trip. Pretty much Mexico to Canada.
Freddy was not felling well, so I did all the driving and it was zero problems. Felt great and fresh the whole way. 3 days up, 2 days back.
The new tracking system worked really well. As long as I have some sort of phone service, the tracking system keeps track of where I am.
For those that knew, thanks for keeping an eye out, it was reassuring to know that ya-all had my back.

Speaking of which, the car ran beautifully, not a single problem and best as I can tell by looking at the dipstick, not a single drop of oil burnt.
To top it all off…..

She (all cars are she’s right?) ticked over 100,000 miles during the trip – Thanks to Freddys eagle eye, we caught it in the middle of no where and she got a photo of it.

So, thats that. No idea when we are going back, but we sort of plan for twice a year, summer and winter, so I guess in 6ish months we will fly up and back? Time will tell.