One dish, two feeds (Inmarsat ACARS and Marine SafetyNET STD-C)

Been tinkering with my other small dish while I collect data from my SatNOGS station……

The dish is an old unbranded one we got for free, it seems to be a simple offset feed. It seems to be nothing special or of note.
The GPS antenna is one I pulled out of an old broken GPS system. It is just the patch antenna, it does not have a low pass filter or amplifier on it at all. (This is not the one, but probably pretty close; ).
The LNA is one I got off Amazon in the USA. It’s probably not that great, but seems to help a lot, looking forward to getting the Sawbird IO ( ) today and will make a note of any difference in the signal strength.
It is powered over the line by a bias T, so we use the SmaTee ( ) to provide the 5v it requires.
I did not want that 5v to get into the AirspyMini, so I got one of these splitters; you take a look at the product image, you can see that only one leg passes DC, the other leg is blocked.

So that is how I have one dish, one feed and two data feeds.
Works great. We are getting hundreds of Marine SafetyNET messages and thousands of ACARS messages a day.