I have picked up a side hobby of tracking small cube satellites and decoding their data. Sounds tricky, but honestly, its all been made super simple by the SatNOGS guys…. Satellite Network of Ground Stations….. Just load their Raspberry Pi image, hook up an antenna and receiver and you are up and running. They do… Continue reading SatNOGS

Home Solar – Take 5

Well, for the 5th time we had a guy come into our house and run the numbers for a solar system. Bleh. Long story short, we use enough power to require a 8kw system, which fills most of the roof (honestly, its so scattered all over the roof that even I said it was an… Continue reading Home Solar – Take 5

Empty Nest

Been a busy few weeks helping Terry and Krysta move into their new rental house. They are only about 20 minutes away in Murrieta, so its not like they are in Idaho or anything, we can still drive around and see them. It sure is a lot quieter at home with just the two of… Continue reading Empty Nest