Home Solar – Take 5

Well, for the 5th time we had a guy come into our house and run the numbers for a solar system.
Long story short, we use enough power to require a 8kw system, which fills most of the roof (honestly, its so scattered all over the roof that even I said it was an eye sore).
The big issue with such a big system is the cost.
We are looking at a 25 year loan to cover it. So I would be paying it off till I am 78 years old. Yikes.
If we chose to sell the house in the mean time, we have to find someone that is willing to take on the payments. Some $150 bucks a month.
On top of all that, if we run our AC, we will still get a power bill.
The panels that we were quoted on were pretty much bottom of the tier made in China stuff. (And we all know what my experience with them has been like!)

So, after all that, it should come as zero surprise that we decided, once again, to not go with the system.

We have looked at leasing, owning, financing and tax credit and one other option I cant remember.
I badly want solar, but just cant afford 40 grand.
The difference in cost of systems here in the States vs in Australia is just astonishing.