Weeknotes 18

Oil Field Spent 2 days on the road on a field trip. Been working with this customer for a while now and this week was the first supervised install of the proof of concept. They are called many things, I sorta like the name rocking horse oil pump. Won’t get into all the cool things… Continue reading Weeknotes 18

Weeknotes 17

Database Migration Its been bugging me for over 2 years now… I have two main databases (3 in total, but the third is pretty static – its the major airports in the world). The first is a list of ‘all’ aircraft in the world. Its about 380,000 aircraft, just the big stuff mostly, not every… Continue reading Weeknotes 17

Weeknotes 16

Yikes. I’m late! Super slammed at work and home the past week and a bit. New power monitoring applications and hardware at work. New couch, Raspberry Pi stuff and, oddly coincidentally power monitoring at a buddy’s place that needs some code is keeping me busy at home. On the up side, I shipped my first… Continue reading Weeknotes 16

Weeknotes 15

Deep in Linux compliers I am still having issues with the virtual audio cable software on Windows. So, rather than keep doing the same thing I have been doing for the past few years and expecting a different result, I have decided to step back and try and get Jaero (the main aircraft decoding software)… Continue reading Weeknotes 15