Weeknotes 23

Too busy to do stuff Its been a busy week. Too busy to really do or learn anything. I did the final two tests on the Intel NUC and both tests failed to find the hard drive, so looks like I have more than done my money on that one (and the 5 mSATA drives… Continue reading Weeknotes 23

Weeknotes 22

Tesla Autopilot I did some driving over the past 2 weeks. At some point I ended up following a gray Tesla for about – eh, an hour? That’s a lot of miles, all open freeway. 2-3 lanes (ie 3 lanes when it was up hill for trucks and overtaking slow traffic). Anyway, it was a… Continue reading Weeknotes 22

Weeknotes 21

Old NUC’s I have two 2014ish Intel NUCs (Next Unit Computing), its a small Intel ‘desktop’. The thing is about the size of your open hand. Low power, but enough computing power to get the job done. The ones I currently have are headless, no mouse, keyboard or monitor. Perfect for months on end of… Continue reading Weeknotes 21

Weeknotes 20

Programmers I have nothing against them. I mean, without them I would probably not have a job. I actually like the way they think and get stuff done. They just have this habit of assuming that everyone knows what they do. Sunday 2 weeks ago, I was working with one from Germany and he was… Continue reading Weeknotes 20

Weeknotes 19

A few days late still counts right? Who made these rules anyway? Slammed. Just totally slammed. 3 massive exciting projects going on at work. Lowest miles run EVER – like in 5 something years – in July. Not happy Jan. Trying to get an Intel NUC I bought off eBay going at home. New software… Continue reading Weeknotes 19