Weeknotes 24

I had a pretty bad experience with a Node-RED upgrade. I have backups of my flow, but it was an odd combination nodes and NodeJS that broke.
Not sure how to backup the ‘system’ to that depth so I can go back if and as needed, but I clearly need to learn. The site was down for about 6 hours.

While I started out with ADSB, I quickly moved to 130MHz ACARS, then 136MHz VLD2, then Satcom, then HF-DL.
My goal has always been to pull all this together into one master stream.
Made some good head way this week (before I broke everything by a bad database bit of code and an update to try and fix it).
The problem is the message structure is all over the place. Even within the same type, the messages are often very different.
Anyway, finally got the military aircraft VDL messages routed into the stream. Seeing some cool stuff already.
Will work on the HF-DL very soon. Always lots of edges to sand so you don’t cut yourself as you browse the site.
A lot of the problems are self inflicted. I had no clue what I was doing when I started out. Still don’t. But at least now I am far enough down the track to know that I don’t know.

My son-in-law had a very bad accident on his minibike this past week. (Dogs, gravel and a tow-bar)
We are lucky blessed hes still with us.
Amy had a rough few days, but they both seem to be on the mend.