Computer in a computer

For lots of convoluted self imposed (and self created) reasons I have moved my website between computers.
Gary’s very kind gift back in 2013 ( was in need of a refresh and I have been wanting to play more with virtual computers, so yeah, the past few weeks (months?) have spun up a new Linux computer in my main Windows computer.
My other Aussie mate (I can say that now, he got his certs) also came in clutch with a nice new old router with lots of fancy features that are making Dan regret giving it to me on his last trip over.
I was going to nuke the blog, but a few of you that knew I was going to make the move encouraged me to keep it. There is a lot of noise, but there is some fun in there too. Random word searches are the best way-back time killers.
Hopefully it all works better on mobile and tablet as well, but my stats show most of you use this site via PC.

So here we are. Things are mostly running I think. If you find anything broke, don’t say anything. It can be your little secret.

In regards to blog contend and frequency. I was saying to the guys a few days ago that I’m thinking since we have been here 15 years in about a week, the whole ‘moving to the USA and look at all this weird stuff’ (and being depressed about it) is sort of done. I mean, after 15 years of yelling at light switches, it all sort of gets old.
So, yeah, I was saying to the guys I’m thinking of expanding the Orac section into a live tech life blog where I can just keep notes that I can search and find latter. Duno.

Yes, I turned off comments. If you are reading this, you know how to reach me.
Also way too late, but its now https, I got a certbot cert. Yay.