Saving power & money

With the addition of the new PC and the two virtual PC’s I have been able to switch off the two physical computers.

Baseline drop

The tall peaks are when I am at my computer and so the monitors are powered up, so just mentally lop them off and look at the base load. You can see it was around the 750 watts. A little higher, a little lower, but eh, on the left, its around 710 to 750 watts.
On the right, the drop is when they were powered down within minutes of each other.
It looks to be around 620 to 650 watts. The reason its not more dramatic is because the CPU load on the new PC went from around 2% to 30%. ie, you cant have the VM’s use no power. Its just a case of the new PC is more efficient than running 3 bits of hardware.
So…. a saving, but we are not getting something for nothing.

Of course, the day after I shut them off, its been heavy overcast (and rain!) and so I can’t really get a feel for what the solar / battery setup is doing with this 24 * 7 saving of around 100 watts. My gut feel is around 30 to 40% better run time on the battery at night, but really need a week of sun to see the graph.
And yes, when I get that data, I will post it here and I’m still looking for stuff to turn off or make more efficient…. But am running out of obvious power hogs.