Empty Nest

Been a busy few weeks helping Terry and Krysta move into their new rental house. They are only about 20 minutes away in Murrieta, so its not like they are in Idaho or anything, we can still drive around and see them. It sure is a lot quieter at home with just the two of… Continue reading Empty Nest

Idaho Wedding Reception

We took a week off work and went up to Idaho to spend time with Amy and Cole, hang out with their family and friends and also take photos of Amy and Cole. Since a photo can save me typing thousands of words, lets just jump into the photos. The main cabin in the background,… Continue reading Idaho Wedding Reception

Post Falls – Idaho

A few weeks back we flew up to see Amy and Cole. No reason, just wanted to see them, Ok, Ok, yeah, we also wanted to see some snow….. We got the airport on Friday afternoon. I worked a half day so it was a relaxing afternoon with not a lot of TSA lines to… Continue reading Post Falls – Idaho

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Idaho – June 2018

We had been planning this trip for about 4 months… Pinning down the date took the longest time. Amy and Cole were busy on the 4th July (Wednesday), so that took that set of dates off the books…. Anyway, the week after was chosen way back and we stuck to the date. Training at Opto… Continue reading Idaho – June 2018

Terry graduated.

Some photos of Terrys graduation. Terry and Krysta. The usual crew. I think it’s sort of sunk in that he does not have to do homework every night. The first few paychecks will also be a bit of an awakening and ‘growing up’ adjustment. But, other than that, he has transitioned to life pretty smoothly.