One of my fond memories growing up as a kid is of a Mini Moke that my Dad bought…. in jars…. someone had pulled apart a Moke with the intent to clean it all up and rebuild it, but lost interest after the pulling apart stage. I seem to recall that we did not pay… Continue reading EMoke

Driverless kangaroos

Yeah, I can see how this would need some special software. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-24/driverless-cars-in-australia-face-challenge-of-roo-problem/8574816 Driverless car makers are discovering a unique problem as they begin to test the vehicles in Australia. It turns out the unusual way that kangaroos move completely throws off the car’s animal detection system. “We’ve noticed with the kangaroo being in mid-flight …… Continue reading Driverless kangaroos

Smart Sunrise 3

Is it obvious to you that this shot has not been taken with the drone? Why? (Either way). I could be standing just out of the frame with the remote. (I’m not. Mostly because I am not confident enough to be walking around while the drone is in the air – I tend to be… Continue reading Smart Sunrise 3


Got to go for a drive a few weeks back. Got to fly at sunrise. Drove all over the place, but this was taken at Borrego Springs. It’s the rule that you can’t fly and not take a dronie. Flying the Phantom 3 Pro (the one I bought off Benson). It is my only photo… Continue reading Dronie

Drones, multirotor, quadcopters

Events have conspired to push us back into flying radio control aircraft. Specifically, drones, multirotor or quadcopters… They all the same thing, but people call them different names. Here is a quick recap of how this all came about. We shoot video case studies at work to highlight how companies use our gear to automate… Continue reading Drones, multirotor, quadcopters