Weeknotes 25

Info Wars This is based on a Tweet that came across my stream. It’s something I have been thinking about since digging into the aircraft tracking data. People have been making up stuff about governments doing this or that with cargo aircraft as an example, and yet the data shows otherwise. The hard thing is… Continue reading Weeknotes 25

Weeknotes 24

Upgrading I had a pretty bad experience with a Node-RED upgrade. I have backups of my flow, but it was an odd combination nodes and NodeJS that broke. Not sure how to backup the ‘system’ to that depth so I can go back if and as needed, but I clearly need to learn. The site… Continue reading Weeknotes 24

Weeknotes 23

Too busy to do stuff Its been a busy week. Too busy to really do or learn anything. I did the final two tests on the Intel NUC and both tests failed to find the hard drive, so looks like I have more than done my money on that one (and the 5 mSATA drives… Continue reading Weeknotes 23

Weeknotes 22

Tesla Autopilot I did some driving over the past 2 weeks. At some point I ended up following a gray Tesla for about – eh, an hour? That’s a lot of miles, all open freeway. 2-3 lanes (ie 3 lanes when it was up hill for trucks and overtaking slow traffic). Anyway, it was a… Continue reading Weeknotes 22

Weeknotes 21

Old NUC’s I have two 2014ish Intel NUCs (Next Unit Computing), its a small Intel ‘desktop’. The thing is about the size of your open hand. Low power, but enough computing power to get the job done. The ones I currently have are headless, no mouse, keyboard or monitor. Perfect for months on end of… Continue reading Weeknotes 21