apollo bay – solo

24th May 2006

Ben rides to Apollo Bay

Just a quick ride to clear my head….

I was feeling a bit overloaded, between the Linux server crash and my Uncle and Aunt being transferred back to the USA (them leaving hit me harder than I thought it would, and a few other personal things) I needed a break…..and what a break I got!

It was just the best day! I had a total hoot! The bike continues to impress and inspire me! I often think of updating it to a 1991-1993 1500, and then I ride it and I find my self think why in the world would you give this thing up! It goes like stink, its a smooth as butter, I can customize it far more than the new ones, I know it inside and out….its the perfect bike for me!

Anyway, I set out at about 8.30am, in the fog, it sort of matched my mood, we got down to the planes near Cressy and it started to clear. Its a pretty dull ride from Roakwood to Forest, but from then on out its purks up a great deal.

It was so calming riding though the rain forest, even though it was raining on and off, it was so refreshing. Drips of water off the trees would smack into my face and keep me smiling. (What’s the chances that a single drop would hit my open visor right at that space right at that moment in time?)

Even though the road was wet, the bike never once slipped or gave any hint of doing something it shouldn’t. Sure its probably got a lot to do with my ‘old guy’ riding style, but it sure was nice to relax.

The views there (and back) are just outstanding, some of the best around I’m sure! Major road works in Apollo Bay are a drag and so I only went as far as I needed to sit by the relentless surf for a while.

Feeling a whole lot better, we headed home….for some reason it took a whole lot less time to get home!

The only negative to come out of the day was almost running out of fuel. I need to get some long range tanks for the thing (yeah, it (she?) is still nameless!).