great ocean road

11th February 2007

Ballarat Health Services motorbike ‘club’ ride the Great Ocean Road.

9am at the cafe is the usual meeting place, 7 bikes and 8 bodies headed off into the rain, wind, and fog.

The weather was not real good at the start, the wind did not let up the whole trip, but we all had a great time.

up front  passing by  Ian

nice  from the wing  more front the wing

nice curves winging wing your way

Once at Apollo Bay, we had a nice pup lunch, Ian and I walked over the road to check out the kite surfer (I have so got to try that one day!)

apollow bay

kite surfer  kite surfer turning kite surfer getting air

From Apollo Bay, the road REALLY gets cooking, curves, curves and more hairpins! Its been a long time since I have driven it (I have never ridden it), and had totally forgot what it was like. I can see why so many riders have been killed and I can see why the speed limit has been dropped to 80kph. We had a blast and I found some new things to scrape after the foot pegs have been bent up on there springs! Even Richard scraped his muffler. (Secretly, I think the old Goldwing gained a little respect on that section of road!)

gor gor gor

gor rest marg talking

two up

All in all we had a great day, I would love to do the trip again in the opposite direction.

all bikes